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Bar soaps and liquid soap are products that we use daily, which has a huge impact on our environment. Palm oil now is a product that is used in many products by many has allowed species such as orangutans to face extinction and a huge contributor to our greenhouse gasses through deforestation.


While many brands claim to have used ‘sustainable’ palm oil, only 19% of them are certified, and even then stopping deforestation is inevitable. Avoiding palm oil isn’t necessarily the answer either, but here we will revive your skin towards a guilt-free palm oil freshness that your skin deserves.


Our soaps are all handcrafted with ingredients that are organic, unrefined, and palm oil free most importantly. With the brand’s motto of “Naturally You” we follow the core values of simplicity, naturality, ethics, and reviving your natural beauty back to you.


We believe that nature has so much to offer and in showing the global public audience, how important it is for us to connect our mind and body with nature. With Revura going towards both an online and an offline platform we hope to help you understand the beauty of what nature is capable of giving us, through the soaps we hope to enlighten you on a new path of naturality.

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